We always welcome Pop-A-Lock reviews. They help us learn more about how we’re doing and what our clients need. Check out the testimonials below for your local locksmith in New Castle, DE.

“Very friendly staff! Came in and was met with greetings and great vibes. Took less than 5 minutes.” -Jose

“The owner, Frank, did his best to copy and program my car key. Although the programming part didn’t work, he was extremely courteous and gave me two copies of the car key that needed programming and suggested that I try with someone who has this capacity. I was very impressed with this gentleman and highly recommend him and his business.”  -Jonathan

“They were extremely responsive and quick to assist me today with making a new key for my daughter who had lost her car key and we didn’t have a spare. I am truly appreciative of their service.” -Sandy

“Managed to lock my keys in my car while visiting from out of town. Guy who came by was super nice and had me back on the road in about a minute flat.” -Tony

“Very friendly, fast, and great service!” -Cathrin