Have questions for locksmiths in Delaware? Check out our locksmith FAQ below to learn more about how we operate.

Q: Can I Trust a Locksmith?

man with key answers woman's locksmith FAQA: In general, yes, you can trust a locksmith. However, it’s important to make sure that your locksmith is engaging in the best practices. Check that the locksmith that you hire is legitimate. You can do so by checking for licensing, inquiring into their training, and visiting the Better Business Bureau website.

If you feel uneasy when the locksmith shows up to help you, listen to your instincts. A qualified locksmith should be wearing a company uniform and driving a properly marked vehicle.

Q: Is it Likely That My Car Will be Damaged?

A: Pop-A-Lock in New Castle, Delaware only uses tools that we design to prevent vehicle damage. The only damage that your car may sustain is to aftermarket window tint, and only if we use a swan tool. If your car has aftermarket tint, we recommend getting a new key instead of having the car unlocked using tools.

Q: What Do I Do if My Keys are Stuck in My Ignition?

A: Whatever you do, don’t try to get these keys out yourself. You could end up doing more damage, costing you more money in vehicle repairs down the line. Pop-A-Lock will provide you an estimate to repair the ignition and remove your keys for you.

Q: Is a New Automotive Key Expensive?

A: New keys can range from $145 to hundreds of dollars, depending on what type of car and key you have. We’ll be able to provide you an accurate estimate when you call for a quote.

Q: Will Picking the Locks at My Home or Business Cause Damage?

A: No. Our locksmiths are able to pick these locks without causing any damage. The process simply requires them to decode the pattern of the existing lock. However, attempting to pick a lock yourself could result in damage. It’s always best to leave this to the professionals.

Q: How Does Rekeying Work?

A: In order to rekey your lock, we change the pins that already exist within the lock. When we do this, the existing keys will no longer work. We’ll make keys for you that fit the new locks when we rekey your home, car or office.

Q: Can Pop-A-Lock Help Make My Business or Home More Secure?

A: Yes! In fact, we specialize in it. Contact us for an evaluation of your home or business. We’ll evaluate your key entry points and come up with some solutions to fit your needs.

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